25 Asian Bathroom Design Ideas

Asian Bathroom Design – Although luxury is the same thing on every continent, the Asian is really different from the west. Oriental or Asian decorating themes possess a classical appeal for distant origins of civilization on whose foundations are based. The rich culture of Asian nations gave a long and varied range in which they could create the arrangement of unique and distinctive way. Click To Read More

25 Victorian Kitchen Design Ideas

Victorian Kitchen Design draw their designs from the ornate furniture styles named after Queen Victoria of England who reigned from 1837 to 1901. Victorian kitchen cabinets are graceful and elegant with elaborate carvings and ornamentation. Scroll down to see the full gallery. Click To Read More

25 Tropical Kitchen Design Ideas

Tropical kitchen design and decor ideas for decorating tropical style. Find simple and easy to implement ideas and tips for tropical kitchens. What descriptive words and colors come to mind when envisioning tropical decor? Perhaps lush, green, casual, beautiful, natural, wood, rattan, wicker, colors of the sea, sunsets, bamboo, flowing. I’m sure you have thought of some words that aren’t on this list, but you get the idea. Click To Read More

20 Southwestern Kitchen Design Ideas

Southwestern Kitchen Design – Awarm, inviting style, Southwest kitchens enable you to blend typical kitchen décor items with other decorative pieces usually reserved for outdoor settings. Featuring bright colors and a variety of textures and materials, this style of kitchen has a variety of elements you can include to make it a stylish center of your home. Click To Read More

25 Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

Scandinavian Kitchen Design – Look at these amazing Scandinavian kitchen designs. They are all very simple, modern and in the same time elegant. Scandinavian kitchen designs can be white, grey or blue. Most of the Scandinavian kitchen designs are mixed with white color and bright wood. The details are very important not only in the living room but they are important in the kitchen also. Click To Read More

25 Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas

Rustic Kitchen Design – You’re standing in your cozy rustic kitchen admiring the warm glow that only aged wood cabinets and a natural fireplace can emit, and the smell of pine trees surrounds your senses. You drop into your favorite plaid-covered chair, resting your stocking feet close to the open flame of the wood-burning stove — just close enough to warm your cold toes. The logs in the fire seem to pop to the tune of the kettle boiling on your huge cooking stove. Click To Read More

25 Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

Traditional Kitchen Design – Don’t confuse a traditional kitchen with Old World or country. Although, like the latter two, the traditional kitchen design style is “warm and classic,” with elements of English and French taste, “the colors are different. Instead of the brighter blues and golds you’d find in an Old World design, the traditional kitchen incorporates soft, muted colors: creams, whites, taupes, light grays or greens. Click To Read More

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