25 Industrial Bathroom Design Ideas

here Industrial Bathroom Design of course, there are many kinds of industry: the transportation industry, the service industry, the entertainment industry. But none of these are what we mean when we talk about industrial chic. Interiors designed around an industrial trend are stripped back, functional, spartan even – they’re designed with the heavy industry of construction and manufacturing in mind.

http://kasparoza.com/category/larry-mazza/ So in an industrial bathroom, we will see things like oversized, exposed pipework, exposed brick walls, chains with huge, strong links, polished concrete, metal basins, elaborately styled bare lightbulbs, stainless steel drawers and surfaces, toughened glass, cogs and levers and pulleys. These can sit alongside traditional bathroom suites or replace them, with sunken baths and moulded concrete basins being especially popular.

http://fnlfloorworks.com/how-to-choose-which-hardwood/ While this looks like function over form (when most interior design, if it had to pick one, would put form over function), it actually isn’t. The industrial look here is exaggerated for effect – made to look functional at the expense of appearance. It doesn’t look refined because it’s not supposed to – but that doesn’t mean someone still hasn’t been to a whole lot of effort to get that look just right.

Well, first off you should choose how much of an industrial look you want. As with many looks, while it’s possible to go the whole hog, you may prefer to adopt individual elements of your chosen look into an overall design that is a little softer and more homely. Depends on how the rest of your house is and what your tastes are…

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